Eastern Commisioner District 2

Sheila Wyatt

Sheila Wyatt

Brief Summary of Education:

  • Night classes at College of the Ozarks
  • Attended SMSU, Majoring in Business

Summary of Employment History:

  • Co-owner, Wyatt’s Forsyth Hardware, 1972-present
  • Taney County Collector of Revenue, 1999-2016
  • District 2, Eastern Commissioner, 2017-present

Why Are You Running For Office?

In deciding to put my application in for another term as your commissioner, I asked myself, “Have I fulfilled the commitments I made to you in 2016 when I applied for this position?” I looked at a flyer with statements I made to you at that time. I can honestly say to you, YES, I have fulfilled those commitments: transparency to county government, follow Sunshine Laws, maintain a working relationship with Army Corps of Engineers and be a working commissioner to know both side of a all issues. To put in whatever time it takes to get the job done. There is still a job to be done. With working with you to pass the Law Enforcement Tax we were asking you to place your trust in the commission for 15 years to oversee the monies received. I feel an obligation to keep my word to the citizens to do my part to spend your dollars wisely.