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Preparing Your Business For COVID-19

Important Links

The Small Business Guide To The CARES Act

U.S. Chamber:

Missouri Chamber:

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Business Checklist

  1. Have I informed staff what to do if a visitor or employee has symptoms (fever over 100.4, cough and shortness of breath)? CoxHealth is offering FREE Virtual Visits. Use code: COVID. Please refer to this link for this free medical assistance. Click Here
  2. Have I trained employees regarding good hygiene safeguards, making extra sure that they are following these guidelines? Click Here
  3. Have I shown our staff the proper cleaning regimen for public spaces? Click Here
  4. Have I Documented/logged all economic injury to your business including, but not limited to, lost business (value, date, and situation), changes in staffing needs, effects of government-recommended business practices? Anything you are doing different due to COVID-19 other than business as usual should be logged. Click Here
  5. Am I up-to-date on the COVID-19 situation and government-issued recommendations? Click Here
  6. Small Business Guidance Loan Resources regarding COVID-19 Click Here
  7. Small Business Disaster Assistance regarding COVID-19 Click Here